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Keep the fire roaring.

Your essential fireplace tool to start the fire, rekindle the blaze, and adjust the logs.

Customize Your Blo-Poke

Original Trademark Design

We honor ingenuity by crafting your custom order using the original mold designed by James Smith.

Handcrafted In America

Quality should never compromised. Every Blo-Poke is hand forged and assembled in Connecticut.

Easy to Use

With a 2-in-1 design, easily rekindle the flame and adjust the logs without having to bend over.

Being fireside is a time of rest, not work.

Original design.

Customize Your Blo-Poke

Give a gift that transcends to the next generation.

Mark the occasion with custom engraving.

"My mother actually gave my father a brass Blo-Poke for a wedding present, in 1951! We had it at our house growing up and used it all the time, and I have inherited it and still use it all the time. It has held up very well, is really beautiful, and is just a tad bent to show its age... If you like making fires, you have to have a Blo-Poke!”

- Jeff G.

Customize Your Blo-poke

In a world of cheap knock offs, we believe in honoring ingenuity with handcrafted and high quality material.

Learn about the legacy of Blo-Poke