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The Blo-Poke is an outstanding example of American ingenuity. The original solid brass tool was conceived by James Hopkins Smith as he observed the French farmers during WWI blowing and poking their fires with ancient rifle barrels. In 1941 Smith trademarked and patented the original Blo-Poke. Today’s Blo-Poke is handcrafted from the original mold in Bristol, Connecticut and continues to reflect fine American craftsmanship.

The Blo-Poke is made up of two unique forged brass end pieces that are bonded to a heavy duty brass rod, completing its approximate measurement of 46”. It is then polished and lacquered for life. Late owner Stuart Burt also developed the tool in black enamel and crafted a bronze cleat for hanging the brass or enamel Blo-Poke near the fireplace. The entire product line is American made and the design remains the absolute best on the market today. There is no better way to keep those fires roaring than the original Blo-Poke.


The Classic Blo-Poke

The Classic Blo-Poke™

The Blo-Poke is the ideal tool for restarting the fire and adjusting the logs in your fireplace. (Available in finely polished brass or fireplace black enamel — $180, plus $16 per Blo-Poke for shipping & handling)

Hanger Cleat

Solid Bronze Hanger Cleat

The Blo-Poke easily mounts on or near your fireplace mantle using the solid bronze hanger cleat. ($40 postpaid)


In the mid-1950’s Smith sold his company to William Burt who then sold the company to his cousin Stuart D. Burt in 1972. In 2005, the Greenwood family, who had been loyal Blo-Poke customers since 1964, purchased the company from the Burts. The Blo-Poke has always been a family enterprise and we understand the unique legacy of James Hopkins Smith, William Burt, and Stuart Burt. As we seek to expand the company, we will continue a firm commitment to the Yankee creativity and quality that the original Blo-Poke reflects. For over 70 years, outstanding customer service has been a hallmark of Blo-Poke and our commitment to your satisfaction has never wavered.


The Blo-Poke™ can be purchased in finely polished brass or in fireplace black enamel. Both are approximately four feet long and are the ideal tool for adjusting logs and rekindling the blaze in your fireplace. Our solid bronze hanger cleat allows the Blo-Poke™ to be attractively mounted on or near your fireplace.

To order by phone please call Mike 1-314-422-8469 or email us at:

Product Quantity Price Total
Finely Polished Brass Blo-Poke $180.00
Fireplace Black Enamel Blo-Poke $180.00
Solid Bronze Hanger $40.00

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